Sonnenzimmer: outtakes

A few additional minutes from the Shoestring portrait of Chicago-based print and art studio Sonnenzimmer. In these clips, Nick expands on “being tested” (and we revisit the high-five) and Nadine talks about building a community of support.

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Sonnenzimmer: Over 1000 served

I checked the Sonnenzimmer video stats today, and was amazed to see that we just passed the 1000 view mark! For a site that’s still not “official,” that’s a whole lot of people watching Nick and Nadine’s story. Thanks to everyone that’s seen it and the many folks who embedded the video on their sites. Such a great reminder that these little stories of people DIYing their lives together resonate.

New video shot

I’m currently cutting together a portrait of Nick Butcher and Nadine Nakanishi, the two talented artists behind the print shop & design studio Sonnenzimmer. Nick and Nadine were generous enough to spend the morning with me talking and showing me around. Added bonus: Nick gave me his music to cut the piece to. Can’t wait to get this done!

Why Shoestring?

In this era of economic meltdowns, it seems important to remember that you can still follow your heart, still carve out a life for yourself creating things of passion and building things anew. The money may not be there, but look around you: the money isn’t anywhere right now. So why not make something you love?

Most of the people, businesses, and ideas profiled in Shoestring don’t have business plans. They didn’t get an MBA. They don’t have investors, and probably never got a loan. These are people that build businesses because they couldn’t do anything but: they had the drive to create.

Shoestring aims to capture the thoughts and ideas/ideals behind that drive: to present portraits of those that are building a life for themselves against the odds and helping to remind all of us that true freedom comes from grabbing a chance with both hands.